Naming a home salon


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I am hoping to set up at home offering manicure and shellac. I have a room upstairs set up currently where I do family and friends, but don't want shoes on my stairs carpet. (I know, I know but I just can't). My dining room is next to the front door so an appropriate room. It has a dining table in it, but thinking of setting my nail desk up in part of the room.

Basically, my question is, I want to give the business a proper name (not related to my name). Is it misleading to call it a name and then take people into my dining room?!


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I wondered the same thing when I was naming my business as I'm going to be working from my home hair salon (converted garage) and didn't want people thinking they were coming to a high street type hair salon and then being dissappinted or feel misled when they got to me (although I think my little space is lovely and very professional). What I did was name it what I wanted and then make sure my marketing literature etc stated clearly 'home hair salon' to avoid confusion and make it a selling point - personal service in professional home salon :) x

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Thank you :) that's what I was planning to do! Just my name sounds like a shop so I was worried!


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Also, can anyone advise if I register the name as a business or just myself as self employed with HMRC? Thanks