Natural Nail and Tip overlays with French


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Aug 23, 2007
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West sussex, UK
Hello (again lol)

Firstly I have done a search but because Im really confused I think I need someone to explain to me personally.

Im doing a college course (Central Sussex) in Artificial Nail structures and Im literally only on my 4th lesson! We have just started on gels and last night we did scuplted nails. Now I understand how the french finish works with these (obviously) but now Im curious how it works with natural nail and tip overlays.

Im training with LCN products and I have just got my kit. In it I have the Phasique 3 step system and some FM pearl white. Im dying to give it a go! but have never used the FM pearl white before.

Do you apply the white smile line after the bonder but before Phase 2 then Phase 2 then apply sealent as in scuplted nails?

Thanks Ami

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