Natural Nails Curling inwards at tips?

Same exact problem!! I've been looking for an answer for years. My blood work indicates my B12 is in range. I'm told it is "some kind" of deficiency...but can't find a doctor that can tell me What it is. I will say that when they first started curling it was a time period in my life that I first started experiencing constant fatigue. I've been looking on the internet for years for a resolution. PLEASE post the answer if you ever find out. Thanks.

This just started happening to me ever since I started using gelish! Might be vitamin b12 but I'm not the only one this happened to.


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My Nails are like this too, I just keep them filed nicely and have learnt to love them - its only my thumbs though x

My customers always think my nails are false so its my way of proving they are my own lol x

im seriously thinking its the gelish.. if i go bare nails they look.. weird.. i always have to have an enhancement on and make them thicker at the sides to compensate. my left thumb nail makes me cry because one side curves more than the other side and people think that im a bad tech cause my nails are crooked! and that im just lying to everyone that my nails are curving/crooked when its my poor skills.. seriously the nerve of these people huh?!?