Need hair extensions advice


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Hi ladies. I am just about to do my training with studio 58 but after that I have no idea how and from where to start. Was thinking to advertise on Facebook to attract clients. But what do I do hair whise since I don’t have loads of money to invest and let the client chose what tipe of hair they would like. Or just to see who is interested ask about the length of hair they would like and just order that one. What do you suggest. PLEASE HELP. Thank you.

Email companies they will send you samples to for you to check out and you can show your clients them.

I don’t stock extensions so I discuss hair types and colour match. I get them to pay for price of the extensions as the deposit and then I order for them


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I really doubt that they will do that because I am at the beginning. Please give me any tips. How do I conduct the discussion? Thank you


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I think you can do some ad via social media, there are many social media you can use,
and make some video, you will get better and better.