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I recently got my nails redone. I wanted my shellac removed and have bio gel applied. I had already soaked it off 3 out of 10 nails and thought it'd be easier to have the salon do it and not have to fumble with cotton balls, acetone and tin foil.

So I go to my appointment, tell them I have shellac on my nails and would like bio gel. The tech immediately starts using an e file on my nails to remove the shellac and buff my nails. I wanted to cry, my nails looked thinned out and horrible. I decided to go through with the gel in order to cover up the damage, but I was heartbroken. I paid and left, and decided to do some research on how nail techs are supposed to remove shellac and apply the gel (I thought I was wrong and this was the proper way) and saw that it was totally incorrect. Shellac is supposed to be soaked off, and the nail (from what I've seen) is supposed to be buffed gently before applying the gel.

I'm not sure how I should handle this situation or heal my nails when it's time to remove or change the gel. I'm keeping it on for now so they won't become further damaged from every day life, but other than that I'm not sure what to do. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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Hi Mini,
I feel for you dear. Proper way to remove shellac is cotton and tin foil and it does take some time to soak off unfortunately but that's just so that you can avoid the e-file damage. But most salon owners still care about the time more than your nails, so they demand e-file removal just to be quick and able to deal with more appointments, even though most technisians are trained to remove shellac properly they don't have a say in it sometimes unless you specifically request for the soak off method.

That being said, it's not prohibited to remove shellac with an e-file. However you can protest against it. I have been in your place once before and I regret paying for what the nail tech did to my nails. But just like you all I wanted to do was pay and leave. I gave them the most horrid Google review. I was and still am very afraid of asking them to pay for my cure or refuse to pay due to the damage :(

A good nail cure is Peggy Sage's. Other things that will help is cuticle oil and nail masks.

I'm so so sorry for your nails and hope this helps :D


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How annoying for you, considering it is one of the easiest of products to remove. However time constraints in a salon make the tech forced into a rush job. Bear in mind most salons will not remove another salons products. A lesson learned by you and it will take ages for you nails to recover.

Slather on the nail oil, and really massage it in and when it is ready for off, do it yourself ,even if it takes an hour or more...but gently.
Cut your nails right down and assess the damage.
Over the counter nail strenghteners could be used, that's up to you...but keep the nails cut/filed right down and nail oil at least twice a day.

Look into the IBX repair and strengthen treatment and consider if you want to trial it. I have clients with wrecked nails coming to me when they have been filed down by fast salons,to a papery thin nail plate. No kidding, they are really that thin.
Normally they will be clients with a thin nail plate (like me) so easily wrecked by an over zealous file.
IBX is a super go to treatment and add onto that IBX boost which will give a really good protective overlay without being difficult to get off all over again.

As an holistic therapist, your nails will still be lovely nice and neat, short ,but naturally healthy looking....just how mine are today.
My clients have an IBX manicure every 3 weeks , but started on a 2 weekly interval, to really do its job. Clear overlay or gel on top, looks cared for if that makes sense.