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liza smith

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Jul 1, 2003
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sittingbourne, kent
at last!
i've been waiting for this powder eversince talking to members of team creative while we were in california in jan.
i got mine on friday & i used it on my sister on sat. for a new set of pink & whites.
in all the time that i've been doing her nails, 12 yrs, she has never had pink & whites as her nail beds r even shorter than mine :shock:
it didn't let me down, it is BEAUTIFUL!!!
for those of you who haven't got a clue what i'm on about :shock:
the new flawless pink powder is a semi-opaque pink powder.
i can see 2 immediate uses for it.
1. to "block out" & therefore extend short nail beds, great for people like me :D .
2. to extend an odd, shorter nail without it looking see-through.

but beware, if your mix ratio is not consistant or if you haven't been using l & p for v.long, you may be disheartened.
one of my trainees in the salon also used it for a new set & 8 nails were pretty good, but 2 were a little "marbleised".
it is v.creamy & while working with it you need consistentcy constantly.
it does look less opaque when it's set & buffed up tp a high shine.

it comes in all the same sizes, so you can try the little 8/10 oz size 1st.
it will also b great for clients who hate their own nails growing out too quickly :D
happy playing!!!
lol liza xx


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May 12, 2003
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Ooooh I saw this in my Creative update! I can't wait to get some. It looks brilliant. I think it will definatley be my next buy!
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