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Mar 21, 2012
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After some advice,

I am currently looking for a new range of products for both treatments and retail. Mid to high end.
Currently I offer Skeyndor and Medik8 for both traetment and retail supplemented with a small amount of Heliocare for retail only.
I find some of the medik8 peels difficult to work with, hence looking for something else plus the internet is riddled with their retail
I really like the look of the Murad range but I am put off by the fact they are owned by Unilever plus offer 20% off promotions on their website. They seem to have recently dropped their minimum spend which leads me to think their owners are going for volume sales and it could end up in the likes of boots very soon.
Germaine de Capuccini is a brand I have worked with many years ago in Australia and really liked.
Any thoughts? I want a reasonably exclusive brand and one I can make a margin on the retail without competing with amazon and the high street.

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