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I need support to set up a new business it will only be myself and another girl doing hair I will be doing beauty what types of things do I need to get set up for fire extinguisher and pat testing as it’s my property I own it it’s a part commercial part residential property, I’ve already spoke to council to check business rates and got someone out from council to check for my Microblading to pass health and safety.

Also any ideas on my big grand launch opening if anyone can help?

I also need to know how people log their consultation forms anyone got an app as paper forms are not something I really want to do?




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The list could be:
Planning permission / change of use
Professional indemnity / building insurances
Licensing - depending on local authority and treatments offered
You may need risk assessments and employee health and safety procedures in place and I would think a contract with the person you are planning on working with would a a good idea. ( hours of work, access to property if you are not there, hoe you handle client data / bookings / payments etc )


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See a solicitor and get a contract drawn up between you and your business partner or rent a chair person.
That would be my number one priority.
What plans do you have if one of you gets injured, sick or pregnant and wants to take time off/work part-time?
It’s not unusual for a previously great business relationship/friendship to turn sour when one party loses interest and starts putting much less effort into the venture. You need to have a Plan B.

If you don’t already have experience of self employment, see if your local council/small business service offer any short courses.
Best of luck with your exciting new venture. :)

How did the business launch go. I just opened a salon at the end of April we did a Opening Offer of 1 day only 50% off hair and beauty treatments. I checked with the local council what I needed too got lease contract looked over with a solicitor. Renovated the whole place now trying to build the business.
Its hard as people don't want to pay the money for our service now but I'm refusing to give it away too.

Mstango- that’s my situation too, I have recently opened and it’s hard to get people to spend their money. They all want a discount. I also done a promotion for several weeks to get people in the door. In my opinion you can’t provide top quality products, excellent treatments and service, beautiful salon BUT only charge small amounts for treatments. A business won’t last and the only person to loose out are us salon owners! :(