New spray machine needed

I'm after a new spray tan machine and wondered what people's thoughts are? I'm a mobile tanner and don't do massive amounts, was looking one of the maximise machines but has anyone used the tanning essentials pro v, is it work the extra ££

I trained with the pro gun because they have a terrible reputation for breaking down.

I've got a basic maxi mist from suntanas ex demo section, very happy with it.


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I would avoid the proV! I've had my machine 18 months now and my supplier has replaced my gun 8 times so far and also the hose twice! When they stop replacing it, I'm going to buy a maxi must I think x

Thank you. I ended up ordering the maximist as asked the lady that worked for suntana which she thought was the best and she said maximist all the way, which I thought must be true as the pro v are much more expensive so she wasn't trying to Up sell. Should arrive today so looking forward to trying it out!