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Jan 8, 2016
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Hello, I'm a new stylist & new to this forum so forgive me if i'm doing this wrong in any way.

Tomorrow i have a client coming in, who has complained that every time she gets her hair done it goes too dark (black when she wanted some sort of brown).

She has quite a few greys from what i remember & quite porous looking hair.

How would i avoid the colour going too dark on her this time?

Thank you
When you do your skin test, take a test cutting and try out your formula on it to see how it looks before her appointment.

Remember though, that hair will look a completely different colour in different lights so maybe she's looking at it under a UV light in a bathroom mirror or similar? Ash shades are always darker too.

The only reason it could turn darker afterwards is if she'd previously had a black tint on it, used a colour remover and left some colour molecules behind that are re-oxidising.
Could u do a permanent on her roots and a semi on the ends ?
I find with very porous hair go for a lighter shade than intended because it will go darker shade on the chart aiming for the colour she wants. But said advice above a test cutting and watch and time the development time as porous hair will grab the colour quicker. Xxx
How old is this client if you don't mind me asking?
Only colour the root?

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