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Discussion in 'Hair' started by EmmaJaneW, Nov 9, 2016.

  1. EmmaJaneW
    Hiya all,
    I'm looking for a budget range supplier for hair extensions. I currently use Remi Cachet & Beauty Works for my luxury end range but want to be able to offer a variety of hair brands to cover all price budgets for clients.
    I have a trade account with Routes. Can anyone recommend this brand? And what is there hair like?
    Is there any other cheaper brands that you would all recommend?
    I don't want to be offering the cheapest of the cheap as like to keep standards fairly high.
    Your help would be brilliant xx
  2. Hair Rebellion
    If you would like to consider our classic range you are able to contact us for a free sample pack
  3. GLhair_Andy
    Hi Emma, If you inbox me i can give you information on trade accounts with GLhair. We offer a wide range of colours and shades in Itip, Utip, Nano tips, weft, tape weft and clip ins. We are UK based and supply world wide, with many delivery options to suit your needs.
  4. cheryl1
    What method do you do? We use remi Catchet and transform
  5. maddyscott89
    I really like angel remi for my nanos and just trying there wefts the now too so far so good
  6. EmmaJaneW
    Quite a fair few haha... Mini locks, ultra tips, la weave, tape, fusion and micro rings.

    I looked into using Routes as they do the tiny tips which is the same as mini tips from Remi Cachet but it's Indian hair rather than Russian Mongolian. Mini locks seem to be my most popular method but some clients ask for a cheaper brand of hair
  7. EmmaJaneW
    I refuse to fit nano rings because of all the horror story's I've heard haha but thank you anyway x
  8. cheryl1
    Try transform they send out free samples so its worth a look,the stick tips and wefts are really nice and they have just posted about a new double drawn tape hair
  9. maddyscott89
    What horror stories I've only ever had postive feed back
  10. Cory Bailey
    Good afternoon,
    Just wondering if you have heard of Wonderful Hair they have high quality 100% human hair at a reasonable price.
  11. Noodle
    Staff Member
    Wow, you're really singing the praises of this company, despite only joining Salon Geek yesterday!

    Coincidentally, our systems detect your location is Walthamstow, which just happens to be the same as where the company is based.
  12. SalonWingman
    hi would you be able to recommend me a decent hair extension supplier.
    also how are you finding the angel remy hair.
    thanks in advance
    Rachel x
  13. Sploo
    I've tried routes as a budget option, wouldn't buy again, it wasn't good
  14. EmmaJaneW
    What did you not like about it?
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  15. Gorgeouslocks21
    I use routes and never had a problem with them clients have never complained about the hair. I tried Eurphiaone Indian grade 4a on a client and the hair was actually really good quality and lasted awhile despite there 4a range having some bad reviews on here, I now offer it as a my budget range
  16. cmsuper
    Have you tried Glamlox hair extensions? The quality is amazing.I think they do samples
  17. Sploo
    I just found it to be dry and knotty, used it on two regular clients and both hated it and had me remove it

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