New to waxing and need help!


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Hi everyone, im really upset with myself at the moment as I think i have made a costly mistake. Im studying waxing at school and wanted to practice at home. I went to the supplier and bought a satin smooth duo wax heater while I was there I asked heaps of questions and left with curone paraffin wax and hard wax. One of my questions was so I just put the wax in the well and heat it up? Well the girl said yes.... So I did just that and now the well I put it into isnt working. Can I fix this? As I was stupid not to read instructions and relied on the info from apparently someone in the industry.

Ku Ku

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Heya hon,

I'm only just qualified myself but maybe I can help!

Often these smaller (and cheaper) pots take around 30mins to fully heat and hot wax itself takes longer than warm so how long have you left it on for before giving up? In theory the system you are using looks just like a standard wax pot but it can take pots / a separate basin if you want it to - so it should heat up fine with the wax in the well itself, I dont think you've done anything wrong!


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Ive used this wax pot before, it takes a good 30 mins for the wax to even begin melting after turning it on.