New wax - application probs?!


Hi Geeks,

I've been waxing for almost a year now (only trained in strip wax) and have been using 'hive' wax. Started to build up my confidence and clients seem pleased with their wax treatments and I have returning business. Now and then though I do struggle a bit with legs still - the wax doesn't always come off first time?! I'm getting there though!

Anyway, I decided it was time to upgrade my wax, so after a bit of research I chose Berins...... well I tried it out on my hubby's back to begin with and it' soo different to what I'm use to?! Loved that it goes on really thin and it worked really well on my hubby's back. Although it did tend to leave a few wax bits when re-using a strip, but the wax didn't seem to hang around - after applying the after wax jasmine oil any residue melted away... so different to what I'm used to.

So feeling ok about it, today i used it on a client.... oh gosh, fine on the legs but mare on the bikini line, underarms and brows. I just found that loads more hair was left over after removing the strips... it just got embarassing after a while and I ended up plucking loads (from her underarm!!) Arggghh!! I never have this prob usually... I don't want to give up on the wax though, I guess it's probably my lack of experience with it and the fact I've only being waxing a short time.

I plan to learn hot wax soon, but for now I'd really like to perfect strip wax.

Your comments and advice would be much appreciated!
Thanks so much xxxx

Jack Dunn

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When you move over to hot wax you will find that they give much better results for these areas. Some clients shave underarms and the intimate areas and hair growth and texture changes and sometimes strip wax doesnt always pick these hairs up. The new generation hot waxes are really good as they shrinkwrap and grip even the tiny little hairs so you will get a better result.


Thanks very much for your response. I am looking at training with hot wax. I've only learnt strip wax so far and was taught to use this for underarms and bikini too. I've been waxing for about a year now and am still not very confident.... so the results I achieved with my new wax (berins) have knocked my confidence even more!

I'm seriously considering training with Kim.... it's just what to do in the meantime, this incident has proper scared me off! Do I cease all wax treatments until I've trained further or do i just get on with it with my old wax or give the berins another go... or reserve it only for legs/arms? I don't really want to turn business away meanwhile - I go full-time next month so not a good time - eek!

Anyway, I'm waffling on! Thanks again :o


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I am a long term Berins user and if you want to come over to Manchester maybe I can help. I also deliver Berins hot wax courses.

unas escarlata

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joe90 beat me to it - I was going to suggest you hook up.

You will sooooo benefit from using berins blue on underarm arms and bikini...


Thanks for your responses geeks, much appreciated :o