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Good afternoon Ladies & Gents,

I am not sure if this is the correct place but wanted to introduce myself. I have just qualified to be a manicurist. Took the course whilst working in an office........looking forward to not having to anymore :lol:

This is something that I have always wanted to get into but have always been reliant on the regular income of a 9-5 job....:evil:

Really looking forward to being able to practise on people other than family and friends...waiting for my certificate to come through......then will be going mobile :lol: once insurance is arranged of course.

Have been looking at all of the work posted on here and some of the nails are amazing!!! Hopefully will be at the same standard one day.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day.


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Welcome to the site !
You will find a wealth of knowledge and loads of support on here.


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Welcome, I'm sure you'll love the site it's a great place to be xx
Welcome to the world of nails... Hope your enjoy your visits & looks forward to hearing from your more :)


Welcome :) you will become addicted to Salon Geek it is a fountain of knowledge and the Geeks on here are fab :) xx


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Can I just add, that I see you and another poster have yellow asterisks at the side of your posts, this is to distinguish distributors and suppliers of products from us normal geeks lol! That way we know that someone may have a vested interest when they recommend one of their products to us.

I feel maybe you have said yes to the question do you provide products or services in your profile thinking it is about services like manicures etc.
Maybe we need to look at changing the question to make it more clear but meantime it would be great if you could edit your profile accordingly!

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I have edited the profile. No more yellow asterisks :biggrin:

Thank you for your warm replies.