Newly qualified lash extension help!

I have just completed my course in individual eyelash extensions and now looking to add to my kit but I don’t know where to start! Can anyone guide me as to what I need to buy in terms of lashes? Which curl, diameter lashes I should invest in..... I will stick to mixed trays as works out cheaper it seems!

Thanks in advance for your help x


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Flirties do starter kits? Might be worth looking at xx


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I use D curl in 0.15 in lengths 8-14mm
I do stock C curl too, but have very few clients who have those


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I started off with a lashbase kit but as you do more clients you tend to buy different lash types to suit and build up your kit in that way. I thought to begin b curls were a nice starter lash as they sit on most lashes x


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I like lashbase, kg professional and mlab lashes, i usually recommend to students to buy c curl 0.12 8-12mm the same for 0.15 thickness, cc curl 0.12 8-12mm and the same in 0.15 thickness and maybe d curl too. These are the most popular ones I use x

Thank you everyone!!!! X