No Trade prices, please!

Discussion in 'Business' started by dee, Jan 3, 2012.

  1. dee
    hi guys just a reminder if you wish to discuss product prices , please do so via pm , as we dont post product costs on the site .
    thanks dee x
  2. Bluerinse
    Okey dokey, good reminder! :) x
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  3. craigys
    Fair point, But can I ask why that is???
  4. bloomingnails
    As our clients / customers / consumers look at this site.

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  5. Hausofhana

    I'm new, I still don't understand why? X
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  6. Lolly22
    It is because this site is accessible to anyone so clients or non professionals could be looking at how much we buy our stock in for. So if you are saying I pay X for my tan and I get 25 a bottle they know how much you are making per tan and that it is marked up alot in the price in order for us to make money.

    Does this make sense?
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  7. staceymackey
    Hahaha lolly22! I would not say either that it is "marked up a lot"! Especially after all of the £5 tan threads ;)

    Xx said with good humor.
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  8. Hausofhana

    Ahh yes I see! Makes perfect sense, sorry for my ignorance xxz
  9. Lolly22
    Yeah I know Stacey. Right enough! Nutters lol.
  10. izzidoll
    I think a few more new geeks need to read this thread, I have lost count of the number of reports the Mod team have had about trade prices on threads this week :eek:
  11. chrisgale200
    I think that makes sense as these are confidential things..
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  12. bnc
    Would be great if this was a pro site that only pro's could see :)
  13. jazmine

    Good point, but impossible to enforce via the Internet, anyone can be anyone or say anything! :p

    Although Internet or not I get clients ask me about or tell me that there hair colour is a base 7-I'm like where did U hear that-do you even know what that means???
    Scary what Joe public picks up isn't it! Also client would freak if they knew the retail prices of some products and be shock that we would dare want to make a substantial profit on them!
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  14. Melk
    It's fair, mark up on product cost is not all profit. But consumers think it is, take out rent, training costs,insurance etc then hrly rate isn't huge. unfortunately consumers don't factor in running costs when they see trade prices.
  15. hugohair
    hello to those guys next to ya sexy girl ;)
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  16. x3stephanie
    Unless they ask for certificates?
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  17. jazmine
    Salon geek ask for certificates?

    With such a vast and varied industry hair nails skin it would be a nightmare think of all the courses offered and educational days. Plus we're in my opinion were not in the most regulated industry nor does there seem to be much emphasis on some people's competency when they do pass and qualify on certain areas.

    I think you just have to read a post and make a decision as to wether the poster is genuine and of you think not report it and hold back your advice :)
  18. Zooks
    Thanks God this has been made into a sticky.

    How do we report posts with trade prices to the mods!?

    I am soo fed up with commenting saying dont post trade prices bla bla....
  19. x3stephanie
    Hmm yes. I agree with you on that one lol.

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  20. laurakate
    I agree that prices shouldnt be posted on a public forum.

    I don't think this site should be pros only as it is a very useful resource for people who are still training or want to find out about training.
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