No Trade prices, please!

Discussion in 'Business' started by dee, Jan 3, 2012.

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    Time for a reminding bump.
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  2. virtues2011
    Anyone who has been blessed with the slightest piece of business acumen could work it out in seconds anyway....arhhh yes.. ok ..I now see the point!
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  3. datlookskool
    Can't agree more!! :D
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    Another reminding bump!!
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  5. fabhairfablife
    This is so true.
    Especially with all DIY products on the market today, everybody thinks it is so easy to do. They do not think about the fact that you are not only paying for the product itself, but also for the knowledge and experience of the person applying it to you. I also hate it that people just refuse to believe that OTC shampoo's are just bad. They see this commercial with a famous hollywood star with beautiful hair. But all I think is that do you really believe they used that cheap €3 shampoo on that model? HAHA.

    But something else. If a consumer is a bit clever and curious, couldn't he look up for the prices himself? At least where I live you can get any hairdresser product without being qualified for the same amount of money as a salon would pay.
    You can get majirel for €xx. (Including tax), But you can lower the price if you bulk order. (A LOT)
    I mean you can also look on ebay for prices? In the Netherlands we have this website were you can buy almost any hairdresser product that is there. like EVERYTHING.
    So I think you could just don't bring it up, but you can't deny it when a consumer asks you about it?
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    Time for a bump of this thread please, as a gentle reminder.
  7. Karson & Olivia
    Ergh! Apologies, I've just posted a tread asking where I can get the best deal on All That Jazz. I've seen this literally a couple minutes later. I'll erase it now - sorry!

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