Not sure on change of skincare brand

Ok!.. so ill start with ive been a therapist for over 10 years. training in md clarins dermalogica... im now expert trained with dermalogica which i thought would help my personal skincare but no long term luck.
So.. im thinking to change.. my options are
. proactiv+
.mario Badescu
.the ordinary
.jan marini
Has anybody used any of these and give me honest reviews?...
im open to suggestions also..
ive been a acne sufferer since i was 14 im now 31.. never had fully clear skin for more than a week or two and ive had enough now. my skin is such a battle. trying everything from skincare, vitamins contraception... all sorts.
Can anybody steer me in the right direction and ill be super grateful!

Is this to use in salon or for home use?

Vic x


Jenna you’re not that far from me. We do a full skin consultation for £20 and deduct from products. We use environ and get great results. Let me know if you’re interested.

Vic x


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I have used the ordinary products with great success. In fact, I took one of them to my dermatologist and she was impressed by the quality and the ingredients, these are usually 100% pure ingredients so you can really customize your skincare routine.


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I'd take squidgernetball up on her offer!:p
I had a great day in London today with my Therapist sister, at a seminar held by iiaa.
I have only recently opened my new salon, and started stocking their jane iredale and advanced nutrition program.
I'm now trying to convert my sister to using Environ.;)
It's a very impressive trilogy of products, that complement and work so well together.:cool:.
The results they have with acne skin are really amazing.