Nothing is working


Hi Stef,

Your logo I can't really make out and all the animations are a bit much.
Also, why .services? It's very unusual for users to use these new TLDs and they're likely not to understand it. Especially as the is available I'd strongly recommend switching to this.

Can I ask a question... by any chance was this site and/or the business development coach American or international?
Hello I am not too sure why she made it services not I will be completely changing my website it’s a pile of rubbish . It keeps crashing so it’s a waste of money . The hosting is American . The logo is okay I have it changed to Stephanie frances now as I do make up and beauty .


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I lov the name "Just Stephanie Francis". I think it's perfect!

(I know that's not what you meant).

Try browsing Pinterest and deconstruct all the eye catching nail photos. Work out what the set up format is. And read blogs about taking photos - very often photographers running courses will post a few tips.

Good luck honey.


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My personal Instagram is I have some make up pictures on there I’ve currently taken my professional ones down cause I’ll be opening a new salon soon so need to rebrand as I’m no longer gonna be home based. Good luck hun! Let us know how you get on xx

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Hello this isn’t a negative post just looking for support if that’s okay please . I started my training as a Mua & beauty level 2 therapist in 2015 finished 2016. During the time I of course practiced a lot and after the course . I fell ill in pregnancy 2016 it was difficult for me to do clients /friends family and I did the best I could . In 2017 my illness came to head and I had to have my gallbladder out and had it out 2018 jan. after this experience and my child being older I wanted to make a go at trying to be the best I can . I managed to get a part time job in a salon and still there now . Last summer I made my Facebook page and kept updating my Instagram . I did a photo shoot , put a post out for models and created a website . I have joined a networking group , donated to raffles , done pampering evenings in schools , done fairs and events and joined Facebook directories . None of this helped to grow my business I know it takes time . I also paid a business consultant to help with my business but that has just become a expensive mistake . In terms of advertising /marketing I have tried the following raffles , fairs , pamper evenings , buying and selling sites , networking , Facebook directories , yell, hitched , star now , Facebook page , Instagram , putting price lists in shops , on supermarket boards . I do sometimes get enquires but nothing happens with them . I am out of ideas and have looked through ways to promote your business for ideas . I am out on hope , ideas , faith , patience and it has affected my health to the point that I am depressed . Not sure where I can go from here I feel like nothing is working maybe I am just no good . Sorry for the post being long
Hi! All well and good advertising everywhere but you need to know WHO you are advertising to.

Draw a pic of a person and have fun with it, write what they are like eg do they have facial hair, what do they watch on tv, how old are they, what treatments do they have regularly, do they go out a lot of are they the type to never wear makeup but get a pro to do it for a special occasion.

Then talk to them in every advert. Forget about everyone else. You will have people like ugh I don’t like the sound of that. But that’s good, because you aren’t talking to them. You are talking to your super client! This makes a huge difference in outcome of marketing.

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Hey Stef, firstly well done on all the things that you've tried and don't give up! Just had a check and if you go to namecheap you can still buy the .com for your name (around £7) then I would redesign your homepage to show a bit more about what you actually do. If you're a UK based business it doesn't make sense to have your website pointed to US servers. I would say buy the .com with new hosting and then build a new site on top of that. The main thing that jumps out at me is that I can't see on your site a good idea of what you do (e.g. a services page).

Totally agree with House Beauty - create your ideal customer avatar also. Do you do make up for specific niches? Tailor a page towards each. Then you can advertise very specifically to those niches e.g. Bridal, occasion, make up lessons etc.