Nov Max

I have recently come across this product and I was considering trialing it on myself , can anyone vouch for it before I do ?! I am used to using kerastraight.


I’ve been through so many different keratin brands but Novmax is hands down the best I’ve used. I’d recommend not washing the lotion straight out as per the instructions as I find if the client can leave it in as long as possible (not overnight) it works a lot better
Thanks for your advice . It’s just the brands not very known and I can’t find much on it , it was putting me off a little . As long as I’m not going to end up bald

I tried Nov Max on myself and loved the result but the fumes were unbearable, mine and the stylists eyes did not stop running the entire treatment so that’s the only thing that’s stopping me using it x


BellaVoi x
Absolutely amazing treatment. Been offering this for over three years now and my clients love it! Just ensure the room is well ventilated.

@abi_babe do you use any fans or extractor fans to help with the fumes? Thank you