nsi acrylic problem


Hi, I was using le chat products but cant get them in the UK at the moment so I bought some nsi to try as I can pick this up really local to me. I used it the other day on a lady and on a couple of her nails I was getting like this white mark coming up showing through the acrylic. What could this be and what do you think to nsi? Should I carry on using it?

thank you
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When you see something such as you you describe, you should take a photo of it.

How can anyone help you if you only give a vague description of what you have seen such as, " I was getting like this white mark coming up showing through the acrylic." I'm afraid I'd need more to go on, in order to help you, than a description such as that.

Would you explain more clearly please?


oh sorry..
well im quite new to nails. and i didnt take a photo.!
and its like i said a white mark showing through the acrylic after ive primed the nail put the clear acrylic on , on some of the nails this white mark appears if happens again i wil take a pic
any1 else know what this could be

wendy malley

Hi Cazz it might be worth mentioning when you next go to NSI or giving them a ring x:)


Cant help you with the white mark. I use NSI gel and acrylic and never had this happen? You asked what people thought of NSI, I love it, it is a really good product. x


Hi Cazz I use Creative and NSI and I haven't had any problems with their acrylic powders and liquids so I would try again on your nails and see if it happens again. But I def think NSI are fab and wouldn't rule them out.

Good luck with it :)


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Sounds to me like your ratio was probably out, and all the powder had not been absorbed by the liquid.
If you were trainined with Le Chat and want to switch to another Company, a conversion course is always advisable. Not all systems work the same, NSI is a good product, but its not gonna work for you, if you dont know how to use it properly. :hug:

Hope this helps


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I agree with Stoney. Your ratio is way out what you're experiencing is crystalizing of the acrylic because its too dry.I'm an NSI Educator. Conversion courses are a really great way to combat your problems or you could maybe request a one on one tutorial so you can work on this. NSI use a laminated sheet to practice product ration not sure about other companies. Hope this helps. :)


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I don't think it sounds like crystallization at all ... and that is a way off base explanation IMO. Since when does crystallization show like this? "I was getting like this white mark coming up showing through the acrylic." Crystallization shows up as white powder on TOP of the product, not coming up and showing through it.

Until we have a photo or a better explanation then anything anyone says is pure speculation and meaningless. It could be pressure on the nail plate, it could be lifting, it could be Onycholysis at the free edge ????? Could be loads of things and until we see it we can't tell ... the poster doesn't even say where this 'white mark' is located.


lol!geeg think u need to chill out!!

ye i think i will look in to the conversion courses thanks guys,
it was only happening to 1 client all the others were fine, i dont know if it has anything to do with when i do her nails on her kitchen table its rite near the auger cooker which kicks out alot of heat!:/
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What a strange Thread this is ..

You asked what the white mark was and was asked for more information in order to help you work it out !

You got told it could be you mix ratio..which is most likely the case..you still have powder on your brush, as you place it on the nail it hasn't been absorbed..therefore it will look like a whte mark on the nail.

The a NSI Educator said it could be crystallization...madness....as geeg says this is on top of the nail...so not good advise from NSI.....the you come back and say geeg needs to chill..shocking..you asked for help and then made fun of someone trying to help.

Make's you wonder why you bother sometimes!!


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Where nails are concerned I never 'chill out' ... plus I really don't like answers that are just plain silly like the one you got from an 'educator' (?) who should know much better.

Neither is "I was getting like this white mark coming up showing through the acrylic" a particularly professional way of describing something in order to get an intelligent response.

You give us no idea at what part of the nail this white mark was showing itself ... near the eponychium, near the free edge in the middle of the nail bed???? Where? Was it on every nail or just one? Was it on the nail plate beforeyou started? I mean really the question leaves everyone totally in the dark and if you want a serious answer then I suggest you ask a serious question otherwise this thread is 'toast' lol.