NSS... exactly what does it mean?


Positivity rules!
NSS… exactly what does it mean?

NSS means Non Standard Salon, to the likes of you and me, the professional nail technicians; it means that they don’t follow what we deem to be ‘normal’ hygiene practice.
  • they might use an electric file to 'etch' the nail plate
  • they probably don't sanitize their tools in between clients
  • they probably don't sanitize their hands or their clients hands
  • they probably don't change towels in between clients
  • they probably don't use the correct tools for the job
  • they probably don't prep properly
  • they might use MMA (Methyl MethAcrylate) as their monomer
Some of those things might apply, some may not, some NSS salons may be of oriental persuasion, some may not... you cannot tar all of them with the same brush.

Some people take it for granted that these NSS are of oriental persuasion, anyone can own/run an NSS salon irrespective as whether they’re white, black, asian, oriental or blue with purple spots.

So are these NSS competition?

I hope not, they don’t use the same working practices as professional nail technicians, so why should we be worried about them being competition.
By all means think of them as the opposition, their practices are the complete opposite of what we’ve all been taught as normal practices.

Our treatments and services should not be priced to be in the same playing field as these salons, we offer a far higher level of competence and our treatments should be priced accordingly.

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excellent sandi very informative


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well done hunnio... nicely written :)


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That's great info thanks - it's cleared up something I've wanted to ask but didn't know how to put it.

thanks for this, has helped me with some of questions I get regarding why its takes me 2 hours to do a full set and NSS down the road takes 45 minutes!! I know all the facts, just how to explain it without sounding like I am bitching about the comp!


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hi sandie

very informative thank you x

jules x

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sandi, thanks again for this article, i actually retrieved some of the things youve said on here , to a client of mine today , thanks for making it readable for peeps like me lol!!!

Great article told me just what i needed to know and what i thought but didn't think people would work with such a care free approach to hygeine.


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thank you so much i always wanted to know what nss means and now i do i know a few places like that i was wondering why i was slow for business just now its because i take more time than them with hygiene/preping.

THIS MAYBE THE CASE BUT i FEAR NOT, have you seen there insurance or certificates, they have given themselves a bad name it is not soar grapes just frustration at the poor standards, they are not stupid, they know exactly what they are doing. I'm just waiting for the day when the new code of practice comes in then we will see who the true professionals are.


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Great article!!! Very clear and informative!!!


Very good and informative. It is a shame to know that there are a lot of places around where I live that are NSS, and they are very popular. I am hoping to start my own business and when I do, I will be providing clients with information about what an NSS is, and MMA, because if I had not been trained in nails, I wouldn't have had any idea!