Nutri heat hairdryer

What do you think? I am thinking of purchasing one, but want to know if it will be worth it.

I like the idea of the hairdryer blowing nutrients into the hair.:confused:

204 views, I take it no one knows either.:eek::eek:

Thanks for the comment, but felt I couldnt relate to it.


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Hi mobileharmony , I think perhaps one of the reasons no one can really tell you much is that these hair driers don't seem to be available in the hairdressing wholesalers to us professional hairdressers. (which is annoying)

So therefore a professional hairdresser wouldn't be using this type of drier and wouldn't know anything about them .

I think they have been placed on the television in time for the Christmas hype.
So I think we have all only seen the same as you have .

Anyway as far as blowing nutrients into the hair
until the makers explained the science bit I wouldn't know how it can do that :eek: .

I wouldn't buy one myself as most hairdressers use the industrial types designed for more prolonged use .

I wouldn't dismiss it but then I wouldn't buy one either unless they were advertised in the hairdressing wholesalers with full proven proof of how fantastic they are lol :hug: