NVQ LEVEL 3,Do I need it?


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Hi Geeks,

Was wondering whether you could help me out ,I have recently qualified on NVQ LEVEL 2 and have a n interview for level 3 tomorrow but i have to take a model with and am struggling to find one so was thinkin about pulling out.

Has anyone done level 3 and is it much differant apart from a higher level?



What would you like to do with your qualification? If you would like to work in a salon or a spa then you will need to have level 3. Of course that may not be what you want to right now, but who can predict the future? I would say complete the level 3, it widens your opportunities. Which level 3 are you considering? General, massage, complementary? You will want massage under your belt I'm sure. Find yourself a model for tomorrow, don't fall at the first hurdle :biggrin:


Sorry, just realised it is for hair. :o
I still think carrying on with your education will improve future work opportunities.


Hey I have just finished my level 3 and cannot tell you how much more confident I am now, you will learn things like colour correction, combining cuts, more in depth look at colours and new techniques. 100% go for it I know so much more than I did on my level 2 :) x


I would definatley recommend doin level 3 it is alot more in depth and the extra experience you gain from it is well worth it x


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I officially passed my level 3 today!!! and feel I have learnt loads from level 2. just need to find a job now:sad: good luck xxxx


There are a million college leavers with level 2. You need level 3 to get an interview in a salon nowadays.
Go for it.


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Under current NVQ standards, a level 2 now means 'ready for work'. It does not mean 'qualified stylist' You will need a level 3 to progress as a stylist. A level 2 is a very basic qualification.


Hi xxjennaxx

I start my L3 hairdressing this september, cant wait, so excited! I feel it will give me a lot more confidence and learn me new techniques, i found the L2 to be very basic. :biggrin: