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Mar 12, 2007
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Do you offer a course of facial treatments?

Do you actively promote a course of treatments as opposed to a one off facial treatment?

I ask this,as i always promote a course,particularly if a client has a skin care concern they want to target as quickly as possible and FAST:)...we call it a "remise":confused:...LOL

By a course i mean one a week for at least 5 or 6 weeks,then monthly for maintenence,including home care which is so integral to the treatment?

A one off facial treatment will "cure" the problem for 24 hours....but long term the results are well worth it as i explain to clients...

Budgeting may well be a concern for some clients,and this is taken into consideration,however a course,and home care i feel should be aimed at clients who are serious about thier skin....the results are accelerated,the client happy,the more profit,and fulfilment for you as a salon owner....after all we would only use salon professional products as therapists,because we see the results,we trust our brands,and we would not have unhappy clients!!:green:

What are your views?

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