Offering makeup as a service but not bridal?

Just wondering if any other geeks offer makeup but not bridal makeup? I love doing makeup but just don’t enjoy bridal as much as I find it really stressful and enjoy doing special occasion/prom makeup a lot more. I know bridal is a big money earner but feel like it just not worth the stress!

Hi @Passionate we stopped offering bridal about 18 months ago. Most brides want you to come to them whereas most other make ups are happy to come to you. We still do a fair bit of make up and retail a lot as well and none of the hassle.

Vic x


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I only offer bridal for people I know now, As I don’t enjoy it and honestly can’t be bothered with bridezillas
Most of my make ups are now special occasions/party make ups or 1 to 1s for salon retail.