Office space/treatment rooms?


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Does anyone rent a office space as a treatment room?
As opposed to within a salon?


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There used to be a few on here who did, but it was a few years back, most I think were asked to move on due to complaints from others about odours (this was mostly nail techs back when the site was purely for nails). In those days there were not as many options for extractor units that there are now.

I think a couple of beauty/massage techs were investigating but the issue of noise from other offices became an issue during relaxing massage, etc. if I remember rightly there was even an incident of someone walking in on a massage because they got the wrong office :eek:

I think bathroom/shower/water can be issues too. Most office spaces share bathroom facilities across a whole floor, and wouldn't have a sink in the room for instance.

Locally to me there are shared beauty spaces - bit like Harley Street - where rooms are rented out to like minded business, that's probably a better bet if you have something similar locally.

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I started looking into this last year but found that privacy was definitely an issue. Lots of offices seemed to just have massive windows & glass doors!! However, an office in say a chiropractic college or chiropodist or something would have people more used to not just walking into rooms without knocking!! Maybe even a receptionist...


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There are planning consent considerations - it depends on your local Council - planning rules are down to local Councils to decide.

Where I'm based you can offer beauty and massage services in offices with D1 use which is consulting offices.

Most offices are not intended for customers to visit. B1 class of use is for office admin activities without visiting customers.

Some offices have B1 and D1. A landlord won't want to convert a B1 office to a D1 but usually they are OK about adding D1 to an existing B1. You have to stress that you are also managing your business in the premises: dealing with email and telephone enquiries, bookkeeping, ordering stock supplies, updating your website and marketing materials and undertaking self study CPD. If you want to apply for a B1 and D1 use it helps if you have other business activities not in the office which can be managed and coordinated from the office - things like mobile bookings, pamper parties in air BnB's, providing treatments in hotels, training in other salons, you get the idea.

I know quite a few therapists who work from office rooms. I've done it myself with 6 flights of stairs to climb to get to the loo and a kitchen sink. I didn't do pedis. I had a big airpot which I filled up with hot water, a hot towel cabbi and a mini chilled water dispenser which I hired for £10 a month. I had a screen and a big piece of furniture by the door creating a "lobby" so we were private if anyone walked in - and I had a key...