Oh no, what an idiot!

Just finishing Shellacing my sisters nails and instead of Top Coat went and put Base Coat instead on 2 nails. Has anyone else done this and if so what did you do? Iam so annoyed at myself because she is still being so patient with me as a model while I am still practising. Thanks
If its only two nails perhaps do a gentle buff off. I don't see why putting a top coat over top of it could harm it any though.


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You've probably done something by now lol

But I would go straight over the base coat with the topcoat.

Let us know what you did and how it went xx
Thanks for your replies. Afraid I panicked and wiped them quickly with scrubfresh! which left them a bit streaky, she is coming back tonight and I will redo the two nails. Lesson learnt :rolleyes: