Oh why !....

Why is it than when you look around the shops you see loads of stuff you want to buy but as soon as you have any money or get a gift voucher you can't find diddly squat.:irked:
Haha thats me all over, can have 500 in my pocket and I'd come back with just a pairs of gloves :lol:


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why is it that whatever 'oh why' you was gonna write on this thread....someone else has put THEM ALL :mad::mad::mad:


Why does my boyfriend leave cupboard doors open?

Why does he always have his hands down his pants?

Why does my mum keep me on the phone for AGES when I say "I have to go now"?

Why do I get something in my eye, causing it to run, when I have just done my make up perfectly for a change?

Why do I want to stay in bed when I have to be up for work, yet on my days off I'm up even earlier?

Like someone said before: Why do cats puke up hair balls on my rugs and carpets when there is PLENTY of hard floor for them to do it on. Come to think of it, why don't they just do it outside?

Why is it when I wear something white, I spill food and drink down myself?

Why does the heating pack in, in the middle of winter?

Why do people throw rubbish that then gets blown into my garden?

I could go on...


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Oh why do these threads always come up and I cant think of any oh whys :lol:


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Why do I get a gift of chocolates on the day I started my diet

Why does the meal I've slaved over taste 'ok', but the meal hubby has thrown together is 'delicious'

Why does it always seem to rain on my day off

Why does my one ironed work tunic always have a button missing

Why, when I'm busy trying to impress someone with a dazzling smile, does it turn out that I've got lipstick on my teeth :o :cry::cry::cry::grr:

Nail Love

Why did my dogs have to bark at someone passing the house when i had to tell work that i wont be in for the week cos ive had all my wisdom teeth pulled out?? (couldnt hear boss cos dogs were so loud....couldnt shout at dogs cos my mouth was too sore!!!) will have to explain, professionaly of course, on Monday :( and why have i decided to rescue the dog with the most consistant bark when i need to rest??

Why also the day i had the anaesthetic, do my friends come round to chat for hours, (i mean all three of them within the three hours) and they all brought wine!!! I couldnt drink cos of the painkillers i was on

and why does the shunshine all weekend, (when i was working) and all the following week (this one) when i have been off??

I guess there's a reason.... somewhere!! :))


Why do buses never have the heating on when its cold but always have the heaters on when its boiling?

Why does everyone want to see your nails when they aren’t ‘the best’ (in your eyes) and they say how lovely they are, and when they look fabulous, they don’t notice???

Why do men find it hilarious to fart? Especially when it stinks?
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Oh why does the dog wake you up to go to the lavatory in the middle of the night having refused to go out before bed? And why is it so much harder to wake up the next morning?

Why do men come along like buses? None for months them they all crawl out of the woodwork!

Why is it only me who empties the dishwasher?

Why is it only me who bothers to seperate the colours from the whites? I mean fine wash all your own clothes together but please leave mine alone if you aren't going to seperate them!

Why did the butler do it?

Why does the postman always knock twice?

Just thought I'd throw the last 2 in to see if anyone knows the answer. Lol Lx