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Apr 28, 2003
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After seeing Sams poem on 2004, I saw this today and thought you should all see it.
A is for Ageing, with its attendant delights,
B is for Bladders, so active these nights.
C is for the Cold, which I notice on waking,
D is for Dinner, which I`ll eat when not shaking.
E is for Events, dreams stored in my head,
F is for Future, a book unread.
G is for Ginseng, my pills full of mystery,
H is for Hair, once lustrous, now history.
I is for Inches, as I`ve aged I`ve grown smaller,
J is for Jiving, which I enjoyed when taller.
K is for Kidneys, causing problems for old fellows,
L is for Lungs, this body`s old bellows.
M is for Memory, er…what was I discussing?
N is for Name, once in my head, but now missing.
O is for Old, but I`ve a rebellious streak,
P is for Patronised, which I endure every week.
Q is for Questioning “Am I an adult, or a boy?”
R is for Relatives, whose visits bring joy.
S is for Siesta, naps to rest my old head,
T is for Teeth, in a glass by the bed.
U is for Uniform, my nursing carer`s attire,
V is for Volume, now required higher.
W is for Wrinkles, I still study with dismay,
X is for X-rays, revealing my inner decay.
Y is for my Youth, now just a notion,
Z is for Zimmer, my means of slow motion.
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