Opening offers/promotions

Hello all!
I am a self employed masseuse and beauty therapist and I am opening up my own treatment sanctuary in my summer house. Any ideas on promotions for the grand opening/first week for clients?

I can't have an open day as the summer house is not big enough for lots of people, plus its on my premises.

Any ideas would be appreciated :) Thanks x


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How lovely .... sounds very inviting, bet you can't wait! I presume you have quite a few clients already, and your offers will apply to all new and existing clients which is good for them all.

I would not reduce prices at all. I would offer freebies to your treatment list as it is hard to put your prices up to where you really want them if you reduce your prices at the beginning. Some clients will always expect the special prices and may not want to rebook unless there's a special offer on. That's bad for your business.

However looking at free add ons :- a few suggestions,

A treatment booked in the first week could be sold by adding extra value to it , say free hand massage or hand mask with all nail treatments booked.
A foot and leg massage or foot mask with all pedicures booked
A free scalp massage with any facial booked.
Maybe offer free eyebrow tint ( after patch test obviously ) to your existing eyebrow shape clients /or eyelash tint clients . It's very quick to do and doesn't cost all that much. If they don't already have it done then they may start to and you have an extra add on to their future appointments.

Some salons in and around my area do not discount and their books are full, so maybe you will not have to !

I wish you well x

Good advice from RosieR.. the exception is if you use an actual discount voucher. This seems to get around the problem of clients always expecting the lower price on future treatments. You can even offer the voucher as an incentive to book another appointment e.g. pay full price but get 25% off your next booking.