OPI gels shrinking at free edge


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I'm finding the edges on nails look like theres almost no polish on after curing, despite capping the free edge. This is usually with red/pink colours. Can anyone advise what this might be and how to stop it?


1. Try removing sticky layer between coats, even from base coat.
2. If 1 didnt help: Try applying primer to free edge before color after wiping sticky layer from base.
3. If none from above helped: Apply color on whole nail, wipe sticky, apply color only on free edge, cure in lamp and apply one more layer on whole nail.
4. Buy red colors from NeoNail - best red shades ever - 1 coaters)
Good luck.


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Possibly shake the polish extra hard before use. I find it settles on the nail incorrectly on the free edge because the gel separates from the colour.


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I notice this happens when I don’t buff or wipe with rubbing alcohol well enough. Also try a high percentage of alcohol in the 90%