Opinions on my copper ring hair extensions please

Hairex1.jpeg Hess1.jpg Hess3.jpg Hess4.jpg


I was just wondering what everyones thoughts were on my extensions?
I'm losing them at a ridiculous rate, the salon is saying they are in fine and I haven't got a clue about extensions. I Only condition the very ends and only use a tangle teeser when it's dry.

I had a maintaince after 2 weeks of having them in after losing 15 and since I've had my maintaince I've lost 30 more In 3 weeks. I asked what could be done about it and they said they would take them out for me. But I've paid nearly 400 altogether so don't want to get them out after such a short amount of time but they are pulling bits of my own hair out when they fall out some strands even have the cuticle on and my scalp looks really red.

Any opinions are really appreciated! :)


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O Hun ur scalp looks sore!! I don't do extensions but in my opinion they don't look like they've been applied correctly at all. Hopefully a geek can help u out! X

That application is terrible, certainly not in neat well thought and sectioned rows and your scalp looks really sore from either them being too tight or way to heavy.


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Seriously awful placement.. I would ask for them to be removed before any damage is done to your hair and what already looks like your scalp.. and ask for your money back x

Rubbish application and looks like they’ve taken different sized sections for each tube. I would ask for them to be taken out and keep these pictures to show the salon manager! For them to say there’s nothing wrong is absolutely ridiculous x

Sorry only just seen these replies...

It was the salon manager who put these in and she is point blank refusing a refund.

I said that they are obviously in wrong and that I've been to other extensionists and they agree and she said she "isn't interested in other extensionists opinions because we're all trained differently"...

Im so fed up with the situation! Xx