Opinions on The Ordinary


Hi :) popping over from the hair section. I’m just wondering on what your opinions/experiences are on products from The Ordinary?
As much as I would love to have regular facials with a professional for the best and safest results...it’s not always financially possible :(
The Ordinary seem to have very good reviews but the price...seems too good to be true?
What do you think? Any products that are purse friendly?


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I think it’s amazing! There’s a Facebook group about it that have real people real reviews, loads of photos! I’m not sure what it’s called exactly but it’s easy to find if you type the ordinary in on facebook
There are loads of photos on there of before and afters of using the ordinary and people in there are nice enough to give advice on what to use if you put a post in yourself!
I don’t even use the brand as I’m lazy I just wash with water and moisturise but if I wasn’t so lazy this would definitely be my go to brand!