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Feb 10, 2012
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I had a client as of January who was having regular BioSculpture with me, her first couple of sets lasted really well and then with a change to the led lamp they just wouldn't last. I've tried EVERYTHING and I mean everything, she even tried shellac elsewhere and that didnt last either. She stopped having her nails done about 3 months ago as she was away all summer, before this is she was paying every time she had an appointment which was around every 10 days and I kind of want to say thank you. She's a lovely lady and I do appreciate her giving me the time of day as she was a new client! I meant to send her some flowers before she went away but just didnt get round to it. I'm wondering whether I should get in touch with her ( never ever normally would do this but I feel like I owe her a thank you?!) and maybe offer her a nice normal mani. She wanted to give her nails a rest from trying to keep something on them! She also used to get a reshape and varnish on her toes! Any thoughts would be appreciated!

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