OPIs New Touring America Collection - LOVE IT!


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If you haven't gotten the new OPI Touring America Collection, I just have to say the colors are amazing! They're a big hit with our clients and are jumping off the shelves in retail.

The three biggest hits are: I Eat Mainely Lobster (a coral of sorts with a slight glittery shimmer); Uh Oh Roll Down the Window (olive) and I Brake for Manicure (brownish-purple).

The next best are: Honk If You Love OPI (purple) and Suzi Takes the Wheel (white-ish gray).

x Fee x

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I love this collection too! Uh Oh Roll Down The Window is such a hilariously named polish, but the color is beautiful. Suzi Takes the Wheel is currently on my mom's toes with Road House Blues on the tips- it leans more toward pale green for me though, rather than grey.

I'm only slightly disappointed because the fall collections from Zoya and China Glaze have very similar shades with all the murky, dusky colors, and I bought them first. Still HAD to get my OPI fix though!

I don't know if you use those brands, but Zoya's Smoke and Mirrors collection is beautiful too if you like the olive and purple.