Our team's top 10 colour and care tips!


With the blonde to brunette and back again craze continuing!
Our team have put together 10 top colour and care tips!

Some blonde tones tend to be matt looking, for a healthy looking glow avoid bleached tones and instead go for golden or honey tones that reflect light.

When going blonde using a multiple number of similar shades instead of just one creates a more natural effect and enhances your existing hair style.

For warm complexions (people with dark, olive skin with golden undertones, and usually with Brown or hazel eyes) go for golden blondes or warm brunettes to compliment your skin tone.

For cool complexions (people with pale skin with freckles or pink/peach undertones and usually with blue/green eyes) go for neutral toned darks or highlights, going too cool or warm could wash out your complexion.

Silver shampoo can be used to neutralise unwanted golden tones on blonde hair, its also great for refreshing dull blondes.

Chemicals in swimming pools can grab on to hair and cause discolouration, rinsing your hair in fresh water before swimming can help prevent this.

To keep both blondes and brunettes glossy and looking healthy always use products to protect from heated styling, use leave in conditioner to detangle and the new favourite hair oil is great used to reflect light (avoid using hair oil at the roots as this can weigh down your style)

After conditioning rinsing hair with a cold blast of water helps to close the cuticle and creates amazing shine, keep the cuticles closed whilst blowdrying by drying in sections and directing the air flow down towards the ends of your hair.

Using only a wide tooth comb to detangle hair when wet, protective products when styling and attending the salon for regular trims all add up to healthy hair.

Eat your hair healthy! Following a healthy diet rich in B vitamins helps to add shine to dull hair and brushing with a soft brush daily massages the scalp, produces natural shine and encourages new hair growth.

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That's really great information! I didn't know about silver shampoo but I'll have to look into it. Thanks for the tips! Very informative.


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thanks for the great tips.