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Just wondered if anyone has ever thought of launching there own tanning solution and if you would know where to start the process? X

House Beauty

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Look up manufacturers and make some calls. It won’t be easy. Lots fails, eg Laurens Way..The latest OMG copy that has ended up closed down due to dodgy solutions.

You really need to know your stuff or know the industry well, rather than relying on a company to make it for you as you’ll have to consider logistics, recruitment, marketing..

Have you thought about studying cosmetic science or getting a job in a similar field first? Get a feel for it and get contacts.

Or find a generic tan manufacturer and get a typical tan solution with your branding on. But you’d need to rigorously try samples and give it out to salons so you get real feedback.

Samantha Sona

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Hi there,

I developed my own tanning products. I studied skincare manufacture and then retained the services of an excellent contract manufacturer to make it happen. I am happy to talk you through it if you're interested. You do need a point of difference, for us it's the fact that our products are Organic and Palm Oil-Free that makes us stand us and it is this that has made us successful.

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