Painful eyelash extensions

Hi ladies, i dont know if this is okay to post on this section as i am a hairdresser but my friend who normally does my lashes using the brand ah francis with a variation of 15mm and 13mm c curls, recently i look up closely and it looks as if shes applied to lash to a small amount of my actual lid and sometimes it can get quite sore and feels tight when i blink, are the lashes meant to go as close to the skin as possible or leave a gap. Thank you in advance ladies :)


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I think it sounds like a couple of lashes are maybe stuck together and pulling a bit? When did you have them done? I would of thought if glue got on the skin it would wear off or not stick for more than a couple of days. Lashes have to be applied 1/2mm from he lid, but never touching the skin!
Have you contacted her? Maybe she will be able to see the problem. Hope you feel better soon x
I agree with the above post, any lashes stuck to the skin would come away after a while, however if lashes have been stuck to more than one (i have done this,its easily done) than they will pull,as no lash will grow at the same rate,so thus creating different pullings from different angles,she just needs to go back so the lash tech can gently part them

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Thank you for your replies. Okay i had them done about 2 weeks ago, and i have noticed she puts around 2 to 3 extensions on one lash, so should she be combing them as she goes along or sperating them with the tweezers?

Did she do a volume set ? You can't apply more than a single lash on each lash unless it's a Russian volume eyelash extension.

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Classic lashes should only be 1:1? If you've had russian volume thats upto 6:1, or,shes done express lashes,just laying ontop,no seperating, you cannot and must not relash express lashes,how long did she take,that'll be a big clue

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Also do you have any clue if she used 0.07 or 0.05 ? If yes then it's a volume set . X
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If you are not trained in lash extensions it might be difficult for you to establish what technique she has used to apply lashes. Would it be a way to ask her to find out more and also tell her how they feel to you?
As a qualified and experienced lash technician she should be able to advise you accordingly and maybe use a different technique next time.

I will ask her. They just look like the standard width in ah francis. She takes ages cos she likes to layer them up. But she does go from eye to eye because she says they get stuck together, is the glue not drying quick enough?!?

Exuse the awful photo but this happened before my 3 month break. My lids got so sore i kept itching them and trying to dislotch the lashes of my lids and lots of them had fallen out. I did tell her but the same thing keeps happening but this time not as badly.

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It could be a multitude of things and it would be best if you can have a chat with her first and if it turns out that she is unsure about anything she should get in touch with her trainer.
As you are the client in this case it would be difficult to help by giving you advice without knowing her technique and products etc

They are probably too close to the eyelid so irritating your eyelid also the lashes are probably stuck together and growing out and cannot naturally shed hence pulling and irritation xx

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I'm going to be honest. They don't look well done at all.
Try someone else, look at their work first. You need to be looking for light thin fluffy lashes called volume.

When they're volume lashes they're usually shorter and they are thinner and up to 6 on one lash which is fine!! When it's done correctly.
I'd also recommend you ask for a c curl or a d curl.
Your lashes are hanging very low which indicates they are either a j curl (not very curled) or they are too heavy for your natural lash.

I can't see a picture? Do I need to update this or something x
Hi, the lash on the far right of the right eye,look like cluster or maybe a tried attempt at volume? As above, personally i think there too long for your lashes and weighing them down,i would personally also try else where,

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I'm sorry to be blunt be these lashes are horrendous and it's work like this that gives our industry a bad name

These are too long - that not only do they add too much weight to your natural lashes but they distort your face as long lashes do

Too much glue so your own lashes can not shed so no wonder they are painful

I suggest getting then removed ASAP if they are anything like this set - to prevent any more trauma to your poor lashes

Shocking !!!!!!

Oh dear. Ok thank you ladies. Im going to have a break to let my natural ones grow back where i have gaps and do my research.

what do you think of this set, i didnt have any trouble with these ones? these are 15mm with c curls



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Can you do a pic with your eyes shut? It's easier to see lashes from above when looking at application and quality of the work xx
Easier to see. Lashes when eyea closed, but they still look a little messy?

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