Paper panties or naked?


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Well done. Paper pants don't fit large could try using a wax strip rather than couch roll as wax tends to catch on tissue. I leave out a packet of tea tree wet wipes for client clean up afterwards.
Oh that’s a good idea to use a wax strip.


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Well. Today I did my first full Hollywood on a first time waxer. I told her it was perhaps better and easier without the paper knickers but if she wanted to wear them then that was fine too but explained I’d need her to pull them out the way to get to certain areas. Anyway, after explaining the treatment in full she said she hadn’t realised that the under carriage and rear end were done too. But she was very much up for it and without pants. Anyway, my client was large. I realised very early on that lying on her side with one leg over the other didn’t allow me to get to where I needed. Her legs separated didn’t create any space between them so it was all fours. Very straight forward, on the side simply wasn’t an option. There was a lot of growth which I trimmed down but I have to say that even with her help, separating the unwaxed labia away from the labia with wax wasn’t easy as even in the frog position the top of her legs touched. Some wax ended up getting stuck over to the other labia from pressing against it. At that moment I felt the knickers could have been handy as they could be pulled to cover the unwaxed labia thus preventing it getting stuck. But I know the paper pants wouldn’t have worked well with the rest of the wax. So here’s what I plan to do in such circumstances in future, I will fold a long piece of couch tissue and ask the client to hold it over the unwaxed Labia maybe holding the tissue down and under her bottom to hold it in place. Also I might offer the client gloves in future so she can really help get close with her fingers to help separate the labia without her feeling like she needs to wash her hands. I have to say that for my first full Hollywood, I was faced with far more than I expected yet the whole wax went brilliant. No issues apart from that labia bit and client very happy. I feel very confident after that now and felt I really learned from it.
Well done you! That's pretty daunting for a first time Hollywood!! Sounds like you did a great job. I always get my clients to sanitise their hands when they get up on the bed, just in case I need them to stretch or hold. :)


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I was taught with paper pants but prefer naked. Clients are never bothered either. I'm not a shrinking violet and I get that some other people are, but I suppose I just don't attract those clients naturally so it all works out well - I think it's great that we all have different ways as it means there's a choice for the clients too!


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I think I’ll be a bit of a mix. I can understand some clients might not like being naked or on all 4’s but also their ability to lift or raise a leg, roll in their side etc all comes into it. One size doesn’t fit all right enough.


Just curious to know how many of you carry out Hollywood waxing with the client completely bare and how many of you include paper knickers/thongs?
I go with the client I have paper pants should a client want them but otherwise they usually tell me x


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Have any of you accidentally done a Hollywood instead of a Brazilian?!I was joking with my Brazilian lady about how I have to keep reminding myself to leave a strip or triangle and whilst joking about it, I actually did just that!!!!! On her!!!! I couldn’t believe it!! I didn’t realise until I was looking back through my appointments that I’d done the wrong thing. I phoned her to apologise and she was in hoots about it, laughing as she found it funny how I did it whilst joking about it. ‍♀I get more Hollywood’s than Brazilians. I might start getting my Brazilians to wear paper things as a reminder and Hollywood’s naked. I find most clients are happy to go naked and I usually tell them that most do so they don’t feel uncomfortable and I tell them as it’s their first time with me they might prefer paper pants and I’m perfectly happy for them to wear them, although I do say it’s a bit easier if they don’t. I also find it’s useful for the client to help sometimes and I give them gloves to wear too so they can pull bits out the way if necessary.