Parking assistance-advice needed please


I am due to open my clinic in two weeks time, I have two allocated parking spaces in my contract and pretty much every time I go to my premises they are being used despite me putting up signage. Where I am based so are the district nurses they are working out of a store unit there about 10 of them, and it's mostly them I see leaving my spaces, sometimes their clients are using them mainly the older generation getting their hearing aids checked, I'm not sure how to tackle this issue my neighboroughs are banardos and have warned me they have tried everything to stop them using their allocated spaces but no one takes any notice. I'm looking at using a car parking control company does anyone use one? If so could I have any info please. Or if anyone has any advice how to tackle this problem it wouldn't be greatly appreciated.

Thanks Rebecca


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Have you tried placing cones in those spaces along with your signage? That's just rude when they clear know they are for other people. You could also block them in if you turn up at work to find they've taken them. Just park behind theirs. Then they will have to either wait for you to come and move it or come to you to ask at which point you can make it very clear to their faces they are to stop parking there.


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That's so annoying
Can you get a sign that says something like 'wheel clamping in use' or something like that to try to scare them off.


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We had this issue at our salon. We contacted the land lord and he got some kind of legal letter posted out to the other businesses stating which spaces belonged to who and they were to stop parking in ours or further action will be taken x


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I like the cone idea- I was going to suggest the metal poles that you sink into the ground & move with a key, but cones are a lot cheaper! Xx
Thanks for your replys, I have blocked them in, but there's so many different people I feel if never get the message across. I think cones is a very good idea, as they are welcome to use them when I am not there, my land lady I have very quickly learnt is useless, I will however also get her to do a follow up letter to the offenders asking them to refrain from using my parking spaces.


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Buy a clamp and clamp them if it's repeat offenders :) Tell them £50 to let em go. mwahahaha.


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Buy a clamp and clamp them if it's repeat offenders :) Tell them £50 to let em go. mwahahaha.
As tempting as it might be, do not do this, it is illegal and you could also end up being sued for damages!!

Write to your landlady, useless or not if you say you are thinking of witholding part of your rent as you are not receiving the full services of your contract, it might stir her into action.

Go and speak to the district nurses, taking with you some notices for them to put up advising their patients of parking procedures.

Put notices on the cars, a bit of wet paper sticks quite well ;)

Block them in and make them wait.

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Speak to the nurses and landlady as stated above, seriously I'm in a parking war with my neighbor in work at the mo (similar story as its disabled adults using them) she's a dragon tho & can't communicate like an adult and it drives me mad, sometimes a simple chat is all it takes they will pass the message on over time to their customers/clients and eventually they'll stop parking there, the neighbour who is kind of the you in our situation kicked off the other day causing all sorts of drama and it really just made me think she was pathetic, I would have much preferred a quiet civil conversation where points are put across like grown ups. Is it possible your clients could park in the nurses spaces?
So it was my first week opening! And so far everyone has parked out on the high street but I live by the sea so come the summer that will be possible so I think I'm going to have a peaceful winter and tackle this when the weather warms back up! Thanks everyone