Patch testing young dancers


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Hello ladies not long qualified in spray tan and looking for some advise please

I was looking into advertising for dance compitions doing tans half the price.

would you patch test all the young dancers 24hrs before the full tan was to be applied ?

Also any hints and tips from people who have done this sort of tanning party would be appreciated

Thanks xx

House Beauty

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I wouldn’t do this at all for anyone under 16. I think habit says 15, but I’m not cool with it. Even with their parents permission.

I have parent in attendance when spraying anyone 16-18 also.


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Oh god really ? Can I jst ask your reason why? Thanks


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Check with your insurance to see if they have any age restrictions.

I do patch tests for all first time spray tan clients.


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I do spray tans for dancers and u16s. I always patch test before 1st appointment and always have parent present in the same room at all times xx


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I only do 16 and over too


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Always patch test. Anyone under 16 needs a parent there, and anyone under 18 needs a consent formed signed by the parent.


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Asthma can be a contra indication also x