Percentage of Earnings for room?


Hi geeks,

Ive just been speaking to the owner of a new tanning place thats opened up in my area, he said there's a room I could use for nails, he would just take a percentage of my earnings for the room. Any of you had experience with this, is this a better option than a flat rate? Also I have no idea what percentage I would say, could any of you give me some ideas from experience, sorry I am new to this side of things, been working mobile on friends and friends friends so far!

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I would suggest that you have a cut off point where he can only take a maximum amount of your wages.

Generally 25% is the norm. give or take!

You may prefer to pay a set rent per week, but remember annual leave, etc.


hiya, i've just started to work in a toning bed salon and she charges me 20% commission on what i earn, i prefer it as i don't have to worry about rent etc. if i'm having a quiet week.

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