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Aug 10, 2006
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ok well i guess the title say's it all.

i've had these tips now about 3 weeks and didn't realized they had no well. well (no pun intended) i've been wondering and have searched the threads about how you actually apply them but i'm still at a loss (nothing new there)

i'm of the understanding you just apply the tip on top of the free edge using gel bond or even better speed bond....BUT.. then what ??

Do i apply pink/clear to zones 2 and 3 also making sure there is a cover over the tip?? i just treat the white tip as if i had put my white L/P there?

Are the performance tips as thin as the "thinned area" of the well on say formation french/white tip ?? i'm just wondering that if it is a bit thicker wouldn't it cause a shadow ??
also if i look at the underside of the nail i would see a ledge is this right?

sorry if this thread is a load of fishcakes but i'm as confused as the reading of the thread suggests lol

feel free to give me a :smack: if im answering my own thread too !:lol:


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Jul 6, 2006
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west yorkshire
Hi hun these are great for people with good nail beds,
take the free edge down as much as you can and you place it where it you want it to go, the freedom of no well,:D
Don't use gel bond, this will tend to give you the shadow, you want to use speed bond, just apply a tiny amount to the (imaginary) well area and a tiny amount to the free edge of the natural nail and apply a small amount of pressure while you hold it to set in place,
these tips need no blending at all and they do not have a shine to remove, you get get straight on with applying your product, you can use clear over the entire nail (all zones) or if you want a softer white use pink over the entire nail (all zones) hth

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