Perm rod size


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Hello All!
I recently had a client ask for a perm equivalent to the attached pic. Although I have done a few perms, I am still not what I consider experienced enough to be able to know exactly what size rod to use. (Maybe it is a fear of going too tight!) My client has very straight fine hair that is color treated. She and is determined that she wants these curls. What brand of perm have some of you used on this type of hair, and what size (color) rods would be recommended to produce this degree of curl?


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I'd probably go for 1x blue, 1x red, 1x blue, 1x grey. Change it up as you go along. No natural curl pattern is uniform. So just be creative. I think maybe a spiral placement will work better. Obviously the hair is layered and there's a lot of product on it.


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I might use the red and yellow rods alternating and wind in one direction in horizontal layers across the head starting a section at the back across the nape.

Also, make sure your client understands that the hair will still need the correct products to support the style and to use a diffuser when drying it. It might also be a good idea to explain to the client how to use the diffuser properly. It’s not really a wash and wear solution.