perms not on nvq


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I'm not a hair geek but mentioned this to my hairdresser and her junior and they both think that although perms aren't popular with the younger generation atm (they said they tried to make a comeback but GHDs doing spiral curling stopped that one) it would be a real pity to take this element out of the NVQ.
The reason being that although many aspire to work in a top trendy salon not everyone does and they work in smaller shops. The type that get a lot of elderly people for perms and sets. It's the livelihood of a lot of these places.
Where would all these people go if it people stopped training to do them??
Could be the start of many home perm disasters?
Sorry to be nosying in the hair forum but just thought I'd tell you what they said :lol:

becki x

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Thanks Judy,that's completely different to giving out technical advise or asking for diy help :wink2:

I agree it';s not seen as trendy,but if the jumpsuit from the eighties is coming back,so will the perm :D what happens to the younger generation of stylists then ?

I finish my level 2 next week and we done perming in it, although it wasnt compulsary my tutor chose for us to do it because there are still alot of oap's getting them done so why bother taking it out of the syllabus? But we still only had to do 3 perms which I dont think is enough, especially since we werent allowed to practice them on our dolls heads becuse the college thought it was a waste of product, so now ill be qualified to do perms when iv only actually done three in my life!

i did perming in level one instead of afro carabean i finished my hairdressing last year at college :eek:

cant beleive that. im at reflections training accadamy in birmingham and studying nvq lvl2 and were doing perming?!* whats going on? thats outrageous, i know not many ppl want perms at the moment but i can guarantee they will most definately make a come back. thats naff.


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I cant believe it too, shouldn't you have to learn all the aspects of hairdressing? I know I did 20 years ago, I am mobile and if it wasnt for perming...well who knows this IS my bread and butter

i had to do perming as well and thats what held me back for so long because just couldnt find the models for perming but i would deffintly do it perms will always be around