Plastic tipped nano hair extensions

I am trying to source plastic tipped nano hair for a client but can’t find any supplier I’ve heard of or used before.
Can anyone advise who sells these please?



I’ve used Simply Hair many times



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Hairs and Graces do these.
I find they slip out very easily though and arnt as good as the metal tipped ones. x


search online, lovely hair-great customer service & a nice variety other than no ombre/balayage

Momobile hair

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Have to ask, why plastic?

Have to ask, why plastic?
Client has requested it specifically. Has them in currently but I have no idea what supplier she must be wearing as I literally can’t find them anywhere.

Beauty works are plastic .. crap hair tho!

Beauty works are plastic .. crap hair tho!
Really? I checked beauty works online and is said it was metal. Is it a certain range of BW?

They used to be the plastic silicone ones. The nano celeb choice range

Simply hair is good!

Glamourous lengths sell them, only in their 7a grade nano hair.


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Try covet hair extensions they do the plastic tip ones