Platinum from lilac grey


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First time posting. My client would like to go back to platinum after being silver/lilac grey for a while. I currently do a scalp bleach with blondor then tone with Igora Absolutes silver and grey lilac. Over time that has really grabbed on the mid lengths and ends plus she used silver shampoo at lot. Lovely colour but wants a change. So my question is what is the best tone to use on the ends to neutralise the lilac ending in a nice clean blonde rather than a ‘dirty’ one. I’m worried if I go too gold to neutralise she’ll go to yellow my preferred colour range is L’oreal. Or should I just go for a gentle cleanse to remove the lilac tone?
I’m a stylist working from home now. Really missing my team to bounce ideas off and a large stock cupboard!.


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Id prelighten her regrowth then emulsify through the ends for the last 5-10 minutes at the backwash, to get rid of the old toner, if that doesn’t work then gentle cleanse and tone with Luo Po1 for the fresh white platinum


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Love the cleaness of PO1. That’s what I was thinking. Thank you.


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Detox shampoos lift out greys/silvers