Please help, fusion extensions

Hello, lovely ladies!
I have a client who has fusion extensions at the minute and she paid me the deposit for micro rings 3 weeks ago. I have her new hair here with me. Now to the problem - the lady is absolutely lovely, but extremely anxious about taking her fusion bonds and have the micro rings at different days. Is kind of confidence for her having the hair on constantly. BUUUT since she have them on (6months ago) she didn't have any maintenance appointment at all and I'm worried they're not supported by enough hair at the moment. I'm NOT qualified for fusion bonds extensions and she don't want to go to the place they have been putted on. Seems she doesn't trust anyone taking them off, but me. She have asked me to take them off, but I've never deal with fusion bonds and don't know how to help her. I know if I'm not qualified I shouldn't touch them, but I really want to help her as she is really lovely.

Please, give me advice on what to use and how to take them off as well can I take them off and put the micro rings in the same day?
Thank you in advance


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I wouldn't be touching them if you're not qualified if it was me. I tend to avoid touching other people's work as well, as if anything is wrong with her hair after the fusion bonds she could blame it on your removal unfortunately. You have to try to protect yourself above all. X


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If you are not qualified and insured in fusion bonds I wouldn't do. She needs to go to the salon that fiited them as they will know what solution she needs to remove them x


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She’s not lovely if she’s putting pressure on you to do something that you won’t be insured to do.