Please help - lash extensions

Hi ladies I've searched and purchased many tweezers and yet to find ones suitable. I must now own 20 pairs. Can anyone recommend decent tweezers for isolating. I'd might grateful for advice xxx


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Pm me
Vetus st 17 from eBay

I use myself and train all my students on them x

I am a complete tweezer freak, I've lost count of the number of sets that I own. It's a very personal thing though, tweezers that friends have sworn by, I just can't get on with. And it's not always the most expensive that work the best. Genuine Vetus are very accurate mid-range tweezers but there are a lot of fakes on ebay.. double check the seller feedback.


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Lash base sell vetus tweezers

Iv just bought 4 pairs of Vetus from lashbase....I train....and all 4 are perfect.
Thanks ladies xxx